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DyF Policy

Decoletaje y Fijación S.L. focuses on precision mass production machining of all types of industrial components and for customers covering a wide range of sectors.


img mision DYF

DYF’s mission is to meet Customers’ needs, surpassing their expectations in quality and service, as well as the expectations of all the staff and shareholders.

img vision DYF

Our Vision is to become a national benchmark in the bar turning sector and to be able to successfully compete in international markets.

img valores DYF

DYF’s primary Value is embodied by the company’s workers who, supported by training, active collaboration and teamwork, are the force that drives the project of the organisation by using and mastering state-of-the-art means of production.

We are strongly and truly committed to the continuous improvement of our services.

We are committed to our community, and strive to contribute its social and economic development.