Our Team

DyF's success stems from the fact that each team member in the workshop right up to the top management has been carefully selected and trained to be the best at their jobs. Their combined skills, technical ability and motivation are the basis for ensuring the extraordinary quality and reliability of each part we produce.

We want outstanding people in our organisation. Our objective as a company is to provide them with the tools they need to develop their own potential and be a success in the workplace.

Our workers apply their skills in a collaborative and team based environment.

Our business culture provides employees not only with incentives, but also opportunities for continuous training and career planning. In return, we expect initiative, motivation and commitment with continuous improvement and complete customer satisfaction, together with the willingness to take on different roles and responsibilities.

We foster an environment where mutual respect and trust among all employees leads to individual creativity and team work.

Given that they are our main asset, we expect that the entire DyF workforce, in harmony with their personal and family aspirations and needs, make a daily effort to make use of all their skills and give their best to strengthen and improve our business performance. This is the philosophy we aim to pass on to future generations.

«People make life worth living and make the difference between great and average companies»